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Athlete Central

Athlete Central FAQ and Videos

My Athlete Profile

Next Gen Athlete Biological Passport

Next Gen Athlete Biological Passport instructions for Anti-Doping Organizations (ADO), their Delegated Third Party organizations (DTP), Athlete Passport Management Units (APMU) and Experts.

ADAMS Sample Management (SM)

Instructions for the ADAMS Sample Management center including Long Term Storage Quick Turnaround Analysis

ADAMS Anti-Doping Organizations and Delegated Third Parties

This category includes Frequently Asked Questions for the ADAMS Modules available to Anti-Doping Organizations

ADAMS Administration and Management

User account management, import codes, rules

Doping Control Forms Application Programming Interfaces

DCO Central

WADA’s paperless doping control application

Anti-Doping Laboratories

ADAMS Privacy and Security

General Information

Initial Login, User preferences, Maintenance schedule....

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