As of August 22, 2023

ADAMS CLASSIC - New Whereabouts Failures features for ADOs

Some improvements were made to the Whereabouts failure form in ADAMS Classic. 

A. New fields

The following fields were added and are all mandatory 

    1. Type: “Filing Failure or Missed Test” 

    2. “Reference Date” was renamed “Date of Whereabouts Failure”

    3. “Administrative review requested by the Athlete” 

    4. “Outcome” field is added, with values: {Recorded, Not recorded}

B. New documents available

ADOs are now able to upload the following documents in ADAMS, with their date, 

    1. Unsuccessful Attempt Report (Mandatory if Missed Test)

    2. Notification of apparent WF to the Athlete (Mandatory)

    3. Explanation provided by the Athlete

    4. Confirmation of Whereabouts Failure

    5. Administrative review request by the Athlete

    6. Administrative review decision

    7. Notice with reasons to WADA, and other ADO (Mandatory)


ABP in Next Gen

The new ABP module is finally here and accessible via the following link:

  • The launch of the Endocrine Module and of new steroid markers measured in blood (serum) samples as part of the Steroid Module; and
  • The launch of the Next Gen ABP Module ADAMS.  
  • The ABP dashboard will replace the current notification system in ADAMS
  • the current version of the ABP module will be retired and will no longer be available to our users, as the two versions cannot co-exist in ADAMS; 
  • As of tomorrow, WADA-accredited Laboratories will also be able to begin uploading data for samples analyzed for the Endocrine Module and/or the new blood steroid markers.  

You can access to the ABP user guides in the following link:

 Here is a video that summarizes the new features in the ABP:

Know issues to be fixed in the next releases.

  • Display order in the Dashboard
  • Refresh on passport page will reload the default page of the user (e.g., “New High Priority” tab of the Dashboard without any filter for APMUs)
  • Missing confirmation data
  • Deleting the “I” for ITP data in the sample table
  • Passport search by sample code
  • Periodical report to export CSV file available for ADOs and APMUs
  • Sample validity and refreshing of passport
  • Date formatting in the graphs will be changed as in sample table
  • Delete the information about the seconds in the collection time of the sample table
  • Issue with the “Yes” and “No” values for Microbial contamination and EtG for ITP and CP
  • Confirmation values for CFs should not appear if no confirmation is performed
  • “CP Status” field in the sample table of steroidal passport: default value is “Not Approved by TA” but will be changed to null if sample hasn’t been flagged for the primary or secondary markers.
  • “IRMS” column: rules to display “Yes” or “No” values to update


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