Montreal, 24 August 2023

Dear ADAMS Users,
The import of existing passports into the Next Gen ABP environment has demanded considerable resources resulting in poor performance of the system overall and the symptoms that many of you have noted, including slow performance and improper sorting of passports in the different tabs of the dashboard.
To remedy this situation, a fix is being implemented which will clean all the dashboard tabs and only passports modified since the launch date (22 August 2023) will be shown.
In order to identify passports that may require your attention that were not managed prior to the launch date, please note that the previous “Notification” section is still available in classic ADAMS. The corresponding passports can be opened in Next Gen ABP by copying and pasting the BPID.
If you need to urgently identify passports requiring your attention that were modified since the launch, and prior to the fix being put in place, the “Reporting” functionality is still available in classic ADAMS and can be used to identify atypical passports or new APMU Reports.

Thank you for your understanding.

Your ADAMS Team

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