As of October 17th :

Athlete Central

Resolution of the issue with the 60-minute timeslot reminder, push notifications are now correctly functioning on both android and iOS version 1.3.2


ADAMS Notifications

Passport Custody Transfer Notification

A new notification has been added, so that relevant users are notified when a passport custody is transferred. The new notification subject will be Passport Custody Update

The following users will receive the notification after a passport custody is transferred

  • The new passport custodian

  • APMU (all 3 types) of the new custodian
  • Delegated Third-Party (DTP) of the new custodian (The DTP must have the service “ABP” with the new custodian)

ADAMS Reports

Display of Date/Time information in UTC

The following Reports have been updated to display Notification Date/Time and Test Arrival Date/Time information in UTC:

  • Doping Control Form Report

  • Sample Collection Report

  • Pending Case Report

  • Pending Case (non-athletes)

  • AAF report

  • ATF report

Sample Collection Report (SCR) Updates

Two (2) new columns (Requested Test analysis type & Actual Test analysis type) are now available in the SCR to help users compare requested analyses types vs actually performed analyses on each sample.

  • The column Requested Test Analysis Type  contains the requested analysis for each sample
  • The column Actual Test Analysis Type  contains the actual analysis performed for each matched sample

DCO Central

DCO Central Update - October 2023


DCF API Updates - 17 October 2023

Next Gen Athlete Biological Passport

As of October 11: Resolved performance issues on passport search.


Next Gen ABP Update - 6 October 2023

Next Gen ABP Update - 18 October 2023

ADAMS Next Gen Update - 25 October 2023

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