Dear ADAMS ABP Users,

Please take note of the following updates and information regarding the new Next Gen ABP module launched on 22 August 2023:

•    A bug was identified with the matching of temperature loggers for the calculation of the Blood Stability Score (BSS) specifically where the logger and the associated logger ID had been previously used before. This matching issue has now been resolved and the corresponding loggers should now be assigned to the correct samples . 

•    A problem was identified with ability for APMU users to toggle the sample validity from the sample table on the passport page, where the validity could not be changed and an error message was generated. This issue has now been resolved. 

•    Regarding dashboard performance, additional cleaning of older passports containing APMU reports has been carried out in different tabs where submission of an APMU is the criteria for removal of the passport. Additionally, an issue with passports not exiting in the tabs when they contain a “late match warning” was resolved. 

•    To improve the ability to identify specific passports, a new filter has been added to the dashboard tabs which allows entry of the date from which the user wishes to see updated passports. This filter will display only passports in the corresponding tab with new samples matched since the selected date

•    Steroid concentrations in the passport sample table of a steroid passport were shown as uncorrected by specific gravity (SG). A job is being run that will result in the display of the SG-corrected concentrations on the passport page. 

•    When assigning ABP Experts to review passports, retired accounts will no longer be shown.

•    An issue with passport calculations was identified and fixed for passports containing samples that are “Not Analyzed”.

•    As a new feature, ADOs, APMUs and Experts will be able to search passport by sample code.

•    A new page ”Samples” located beside the Dashboard, is now available for ADOs and APMUs users. This page includes filters to display and extract information (in CSV format) such as Passport Custodian, APMU name, Expert name, Expert report, passport status and abnormalities at the time of the sample match related to every submitted APMU report.

The ADAMS team continues to work on several additional known issues and we thank you for your patience and collaboration during this transition to the Next Gen ABP environment.

Best Regards,
Your ADAMS Team.

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