Dear ABP users,


We would like to update you on the Passport sharing functionalities in ADAMS, in particular as it pertains to the creation of groups when sharing Passports between Anti-Doping Organizations (ADO).


When sharing Passports, access is now implicitly limited for International Federation (IF) to the sports/disciplines under their jurisdiction and to the countries of the National Anti-Doping Organizations (NADO). The impact of this change is that users no longer need to create dedicated groups based on sport/discipline or sport nationality in order to share Passports with other ADOs. Therefore, from now on, when sharing Passports, ADOs need only create a single group named “All Athletes” and assign it to the target ADO(s).

Passport sharing functionalities in ADAMS between ADO and Delegated Third Party organizations remain unchanged.

The ADAMS team continues to work on several additional known issues, and we thank you for your patience and collaboration during this transition to the Next Gen ABP environment.

Best regards,

Your ADAMS Team

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