Dear ADAMS ABP Users,

Please take note of the following updates of the Next Gen ABP module in ADAMS that were deployed on 25 October 2023:

  • A problem was identified where some ABP Expert reports were missing for some passports. This issue has now been resolved and all Expert reports should now be visible.
  • A bug was identified with existing Expert reports where the Expert’s name was missing. This should now be corrected.
  • An issue was identified with the “IRMS-SSP-CPR” tab of the APMU dashboard, where passports were not being removed upon submission of an APMU report. This issue has now been resolved.
  • The DCF information provided when clicking on the DCF ID in the passport table has been updated to include more information related to the ABP supplemental form (e.g., duration and dates of altitude stay), declared medications and all associated urine sample codes when multiple samples have been collected during the same collection session.
  • The sorting of passports in the ADO dashboard has been updated to display the passports with the oldest APMU report submission date on the top left. This should allow ADOs to prioritize their work and act on the oldest reviewed passports.
  • Two new filters “New Messages” and “New Documents” have been added to the “Follow up” and “Reports Submitted” tab of the ADOs dashboard to allow easier identification of passports with messages or documents. Furthermore, ADO users can also filter my date of APMU report submission in the “Follow up” tab of ADOs dashboard.
  • ADOs administrators can now remove or add retired athletes to any athletes’ groups.

The ADAMS team continues to work on several additional known issues and we thank you for your patience and collaboration during this transition to the Next Gen ABP environment.

Best regards,

Your ADAMS Team.

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