What's New in December 2023?

ADAMS Classic

As of 5 December 2023

Date/Time and Time Zone information in ADAMS

Display of Date/Time information 

The following Reports have been updated to display Notification Date/Time and Test Arrival Date/Time information in local time (time as entered by the user)

  • Doping Control Form Report

  • Sample Collection Report

  • Pending Case Report

  • Pending Case (non-athletes)

  • AAF report

  • ATF report

Whereabouts Failure Notifications  

Starting Dec 5th, when an outcome ''Not Recorded" is saved in ADAMS, a notification will be automatically sent to the WADA Result Management team

Bugs Fixes 

  1. Test Report - Batch Update and Submission Date

    We fixed an issue where a batch update of the monitored substances would change the original submission date that appears on the test report. Starting Dec 6th, the batch update of monitored substances will NOT override the original report submission date
  2. DCF Update
    Fixed an issue where adding a Testing Order number to a standalone DCF would cause a system error. TO numbers can now be correctly added to a standalone DCF
  3. TUE Application Form
    Fixed an issue where the box emergency treatment was always checked even when it was not an emergency treatment. Now the emergency treatment box will be unchecked by default
  4. Lab Result - Display of Confirmed Values
    Confirmed values are now displayed when user enters invalid negatives and saves Lab result. Previously, the system would display an error message and hide the confirmed values
  5. Sample Collection Report (SCR) - Analysis
    Two (2) new columns (Requested Test analysis type & Actual Test analysis type) are now available in the Sample Collection Report to help users compare requested analyses types vs actually performed analyses on each sample.
  • The column Requested Test Analysis Type  contains the requested analysis for each sample
  • The column Actual Test Analysis Type  contains the actual analysis performed by the lab for each matched sample

Next Gen ABP

ADAMS Next Gen Update - 28 November 2023


DCO Central 

List of Sport/Disciplines and Nationalities

Fixed an issue where a NADO DCO was not seeing list of all countries in sport discipline/nationality dropdowns. Available countries will now be filtered and displayed  according to the TA Org on the TO/Test. 



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