What's new in February 2024?

As of February 22nd, 2024
As of February 7th, 2024

ADAMS Classic

Report Updates

Separation of date, time and time zone fields

For AAF, ATF, TEST, Sample Collection and APMU reports, the date and time fields are now separated into two (2) distinct fields to ease data manipulation.

Chain of Custody Report

The report now accurately displays local time and time zone as it was entered by the user.

Lab Report

Two (2) new columns (Requested Test analysis type & Actual Test analysis type) are now available to help users compare requested analyses types vs actually performed analyses on each sample.
    • The column Requested Test Analysis Type  contains the requested analysis attributes for each sample.
    • The column Actual Test Analysis Type  contains the actual analysis performed for each matched sample.

Quick Search feature (Exact Match Search / Extended Search)

The ADAMS quick search functionality have been modified to speed up the search processing and alleviate performance issues. Now there are two ways of searching a record while using Quick Search.
    • By default , ADAMS will now perform an Exact match search, so when a user enters a sample ID or Name in the Search box, only the specific record (info) will be displayed.


    • If the ID entered does not exactly match existing records, ADAMS will not find similar records, and display an error message.


    • If the user does not know the exact ID, sample or name to search, the user must select the Extended Search button, and then ADAMS will perform a broader search and display similar results.

Chain of Custody

Zip Code information can now be entered in a chain of custody form.

Bugs Fixes 

Sample Collection Report

    • Fixed an issue where ADAMS would generate an error when user selected Date of Notification as a filter.
    • Whereabouts details Report: Fixed and issue where users would be redirected to the last month of that quarter instead of the requested one. 

Next Gen Testing Order (TO)

Individual Sample processing in the TO

When a test has multiple samples within it, it is now possible to set 1 of the samples as not collected, but yet, collect the other one.

Placeholder feature in a TO

As an ADO user creating or editing a testing order, it is now possible to copy the information of an already created placeholder from the table to avoid entering the same information again.

TDSSA Changes

We have modified the sample count method so that for Urine and Blood Samples, each analysis is now counted individually and not as a combined category.

Bug fixes

    • Notification Date & Time : Fixed an issue where Notification Date & Time were automatically copied from the previous athlete when multiple athletes were included in a same TO.
    • Comment fields: Fixed an issue where the comments fields did not appear.
Next Gen ABP

DCO Central 

Various Bug Fixes:

    • Added a link to help users find their time zone.
    • The Testing Order information is now visible on the DCF 
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