22 February 2024 : Improvements to the Doping Control Form



Doping Control Form (DCF) Improvements

When entering a DCF, the name of the Doping Control Officer (DCO) used may not appear in the drop-down list of Step 5 (DCO field) if said DCO does not have an ADAMS account created by the Sample Collection Authority (SCA).

After this Feb 22nd release, 

When creating a DCF, it will now be possible to add a Doping Control Officer(DCO) who does not have an ADAMS account. After saving, the new DCO name will appear in the drop-down list and available to be selected and added to the DCF.

Below are the steps to successfully add a new DCO from the DCF

  • Enter the First and Last Name of the new DCO in the Adams DCO field.
  • Click Save (DCO is added to the drop-down list).
  • Choose DCO from drop-down list .


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