As of March 5, 2024


We are happy to announce that we have made some changes to the Next Gen DCF user interface in order to facilitate the filing of DCFs in ADAMS and reduce the number of steps required before completing a DCF. More specifically,

  1. We have added a header section to the DCF to allow for a quick athlete identification. 
  2. Users will now have 3 steps instead of 5 to complete the DCF.

1. DCF Header

The DCF will now have a header section displaying non-modifiable relevant athlete information (see picture below).

2. Reduced DCF Steps

The DCF will now have 3 steps instead of 5:

Step 1 : ADAMS Notifications

This step combines the following subsections

        • Authorization subsection: Information on the authorities assigned to the DCF
        • Notification subsection: Details on how athlete notification
        • Athlete Info subsection: Details on how athlete address and contacts

Step 2 : Sample Collection (section unchanged)

Step 3 : Procedural Information (section unchanged)




Lab Result 

Added a new rule so that ADAMS will now prevent biomarker values above the maximum value to be entered when new blood steroidal and endocrine Lab Results are entered or imported via CSV and XML.



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