Montreal, 28 February 2024

Dear ADAMS users,

We have deployed in Next Gen ABP the release ABP 1.6.0 which includes the following bug fixes and improvements for ABP:

A-Bug fixes

  1. Passport custody transfer not updated in ABP.
    When a passport custody transfer is performed, the athlete will now be automatically visible to the new passport custodian.
    Also, the athlete is removed from all the previous passport custodian’s athlete groups.
  2. Passport Page - Attaching a file while writing a report redirects the user to the Documents page.
    After attaching a file, while writing an APMU or Expert report, the attachment window now closes and the current passport page remains.
  3. Expert users receive the assignation email notification twice when another expert is assigned.
    The expert user is now notified only once after passport assignation.
  4. Passports are inaccessible after the APMU has changed.
    Following an APMU change, the new APMU will automatically gain access to the passports of the passport custodian.
    In addition, the previous APMU will lose access to those passports.


  1. Documents Page:  an indication is added on the Document page when documents are attached.
    When there are documents attached for an APMU Report, the number of documents attached is indicated in the default view.
  2. IRMS SSP CPR tab is now renamed to “CPR-IRMS.
    The tab “IRMS SSP CPR” is renamed to "CPR-IRMS”.
  3. Date format in graphs
    The date format is the graphs has been harmonized to the following format: DD-MON-YYYY (25-Sep-2023).
  4. APMU Assignation is now removed following the APMU report submission.
    When an APMU user is assigned a passport for a review, an icon is added to the card. The icon is now removed after the APMU report submission.
  5. Overlay chart section is now collapsible.
    The overlay chart is now collapsed by default. It is also possible to expand it by selecting “Overlay Chart” at the top right of the screen.
  6. Last sample matched indication in the passport table.
    In the passport table, an icon is added to indicate the sample that has the latest update (match, rematch, BSS…).
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