Montreal, 11 April 2024

Dear ABP users,

We have deployed in Next Gen ABP the release ABP 1.7.0 which includes the following bug fixes and improvements for ABP:


UI Improvements

1- Display all Supplemental form elements in the exported excel file.

Answers provided by the athlete in the DCF Supplemental form are now included the exported excel file of the passport table.


2- UI improvements for chat feature

To better identify or differentiate the messages exchanged between users (From and To values) using a alternating background color.

3- Expert assignment screen

To facilitate the expert selection, a list view has replaced the cards view to decrease the “scrolling” for selection.


4- Invalid samples page for APMU dashboard

When a BPID is selected, the passport will be displayed in a new window, to allow the user to continue ongoing tasks on the dashboard.


New Features

1- Possibility to now have an “ALL Athletes” group automatically updated.

For ADO administrators, it will be now possible to update the “All Athletes” group that has been manually created to a group that will be automatically updated.  

We strongly encourage to consult the article: How to create an "ALL ATHLETES" group that will be automatically updated – ADAMS Help Center


2- Provide the possibility to share "All ATHLETES" with NADO based on Athlete Nationality automatically.

For an ADO administrator, it is now possible to share athletes with another NADO based on the athlete nationality.

The admin can share the “All Athletes” group and the target organization will see ONLY the athletes relevant to them. In other words, the target NADO will have access only to the athletes within the shared group with the same nationality than their country.


3- Endocrine Passports update

All endocrine passports have been recalculated to consider the age parameter in the algorithm.

For APMU users, the endocrine passports will be displayed in the dashboard.


Bug Fixes

1- Analysis attributes for Steroidal blood and Endocrine passports

  • The selected analysis attributes from the lab result are now displayed under the Analysis Results column in the export file of the passport table.
  • The Analysis Results column is added to the passport details samples table as well.


2- Expert dashboard: duplicated passports

There was a case where an expert user still sees a passport after submitting an expert report for a passport that is in "Under Review" section of the dashboard. The issue was occurring only when updates were made on the passports while being assigned to the expert. This fix ensure that only one passport will be displayed.


3- APMU dashboard: passports remain in the dashboard after APMU report submission.

Passports that were in the following tabs: New High Priority, New Other Passports, IRMS-CPR


passports updated (i.e. new sample matched or unmatched) while assigned to an expert or an APMU report draft saved were remaining in those tabs regardless of APMU report submission.

With the current version, any APMU report submitted will make the passport disappear from the 3 mentioned tabs and accessible from the passport search.


4- Lab result access for NADO user accessing a shared Endocrine or Steroidal blood passport

For some specific cases, some users from a NADO were not accessing a lab result of a shared passport. The issue is now fixed.


5- Ordinal number for Endocrine and Steroidal Blood passports

For some Endocrine and Steroidal Blood passports, the sample ordinal number was incorrect. Now they are correctly displayed.


6- Missing blood samples

Some invalid DCF for blood samples created before ABP launch and got a matching lab result afterwards were missing. Those associated passports will be now available on the APMU dashboard in the relevant tabs.





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