How to create an "ALL ATHLETES" group that will be automatically updated

STEP 1: Create an athlete group automatically updated.

Login using your admin account.

1- Click on "Manage"

2- Select "Athlete Groups"


3- Select "Owned"  from the "Available Groups" section to only display the athletes' groups created by your organization.

Select the group you want to represent all your athletes under your custody and that will be managed by the system.


4- Click on "Edit" to open the group details.

5- Select "Yes" for "Is this Group for all Athletes?", the group name will automatically be renamed "All Athletes."

6- Click on "Next"

7- Update the list of user accounts that need to access this group if needed.

8- Click on “Finish”.



The group will be now automatically updated by the system (following new athlete creation, custody transfer, etc.) once per day.


STEP 2: Update the source contracts using the group

  1. Click on "Manage"
  2. Select "Source Contracts"
  3. Select the contract that uses the updated group.
  4. Edit the contract and update the “SO Athlete group” value to your newly created “All Athletes” group.


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