Montreal, 23 April 2024

Dear ABP users,

We have deployed in Next Gen ABP the release ABP 1.8.0 which includes the following  improvements  and bug fixes for ABP:


More details on  why a passport  is displayed in the APMU dashboard 

Any updates on a passport such as edits on a DCF or its associated Lab result (Example: editing a DCF with any changes) used to make the passport appear on the APMU dashboard. In this release, we removed any irrelevant triggers that use to make a passport appear in the APMU dashboard.


1- Conditions to have a passport displayed on the dashboard

Now, a passport is recalculated only in the following cases:

  1. When a match is established between a DCF and a corresponding valid lab result.
  2. When a match between a DCF and corresponding lab result is rejected.
  3. Delete test, of a sample already matched.
  4. Delete lab result of a sample i.e. already matched.
  5. Edit Gender in Athlete Demographic
  6. Edit Date of birth in Athlete Demographic
  7. When IRMS values are confirmed for an already matched Urine sample
  8. When lab result parameters values are confirmed.
  9. When a sample validity is changed by an APMU user
  10. When the Sample collected after 3 days value is changed in the ABP Supplementary Report Form (SRF) [Individual Blood Passport Sample within Sample Collection section]of the DCF.
  11. When the Altitude is changed in the ABP Supplementary Report Form (SRF) [Individual Blood Passport Sample within Sample Collection section] of the DCF.
  12. When temp logger is matched or changed. 

2- Passport not recalculated but passport data updated.

The following changes will update the passport data (sample information, IRMS details, data changed) without showing up in the dashboard as a new notification:

  • Change selection for any attribute different of “GC/C/IRMS”. Example: Remove IGF-1 analogues, selected GHRF (GHS/GHRP).
  • Edit a Lab, change the value for one of the attributes in the LH Analysis section, and save the lab result.
  • Edit a Lab, change the text in the “Analysis Details” text box, and save the lab result

3- Passport log activities added

From now one, whenever a passport is updated, the change is recorded in the log activities. Here the list of activities that will be displayed.

  • match broken for sample {samplecode} collected {sample collection date} (from DCF).
  • Demographic information updated {Previous value} to {New value}.
  • Test deleted.
  • reason IRMS Confirmed
  • reason: IRMS Removed

 Additional activities will be added in future releases for more information.


Bug fixes


1- Batch update and passports.

When performing a batch update, the passport recalculation function was not triggered. This issue has been fixed. The passport is now updated with the submitted changes.


2- Not Analyzed samples

Samples with Test result status as "Not analyzed" were displayed in the passport. From now one, they will not be displayed in the passport table. For the passports where the “Not analyzed” samples were displayed, the update will take place in the next passport update.

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