ADAMS Sample Management (SM)

Batch Lab Results import 

As a Laboratory user, it will now be possible to update multiple matched samples in the SM platform using the same CSV/XML file currently used to upload lab Results into ADAMS. Lab users will be able to: 

  • Update the Long Term storage (LTS) status of a matched sample
  • Update Storage Location / Reason /  of a matched sample
  • Create/Update Quick Turnaround Analysis (QTA) request of a matched sample
  • Confirm QTA was done by updating Lab Result / Comments to QTA requests 

The following columns were added to the Lab Result Import file  and can be used to capture and update information on the samples 

  • lts_requested (yes / no)

  • lts_stored (yes / no)

  • lts_request_date (if not provided, use the import date)

  • lts_storage_location (shortName of the lab, if empty, use the lab that’s doing the import/update)

  • lts_stored_until (if not provided, use 10 years after the request date)

  • lts_reason

  • qta_requested (yes / no)

  • qta_request_date (if not provided, use the import date)

  • qta_comments

After the import of the CSV/XML, matched samples will be updated the following day in the SM platform. the changes on samples will be visible instantaneously only if the Lab User performs an update of the Lab result. 


Daily Recap Email

Laboratories will now receive a daily recap email to provide them with a list of all new/updated  LTS/QTA requests made in the previous 24h 

Action Needed

Please ensure that the email is authorized (whitelisted) in your inbox so that the recap emails do not get block by your email server

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