What do I need to provide to successfully submit my whereabouts?

Athlete Central allows you to enter and submit your whereabouts information on a quarterly basis and update it regularly.

If you are in a Registered Testing Pool – either National or International – then the whereabouts requirements are enforced automatically by ADAMS. ADAMS and Athlete Central will walk you through the process and alert you to any missing information.

These requirements are based on the International Standard for Testing and Investigations (ISTI), as well as the rules of your Anti-Doping Organization.

  • A 60-minute time slot must be entered for each day in the quarter where you must be available and accessible for Testing at a specified location. Failure to update this information or be located during this time-slot for testing may result in a ‘missed test.’  This time slot may be between 05:00 and 23:00.
  • An overnight accommodation must also be entered for each day in the quarter (where you are sleeping).
  • You must enter all competitions that you are participating in over the quarter.
  • You must enter your regular activities for the quarter such as your routine schedule of training, work or school for example.



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