WADA and other Anti-Doping Organizations share responsibility for how your information is protected in ADAMS. Here’s how it works:


WADA has implemented strong security measures to protect ADAMS. Unroll the menus below to learn more.

Organizational Measures
Organizational security measures include:
  • Implementing written information security and privacy programs that include the assignment of accountability for privacy and information security functions to dedicated individuals;
  • Ensuring WADA personnel are subject to a contractual duty of confidentiality;
  • Ensuring access to ADAMS by WADA personnel is only granted on a need-to-know basis.
Technical Measures

Technical security measures include:

  • Strong authentication requirements, such as complex password requirements, two-factor authentication, and personal security questions;
  • Exclusive control over administrator accounts: only WADA can create administrator accounts; administrator account holders (i.e., ADOs, laboratories and delegated third parties) are then responsible for issuing appropriate user accounts to users and third parties under their responsibility;
  • Granular access permissions that can be managed by ADOs and other administrative account holders;
  • Notifications to users in the event of certain atypical activities on their accounts, like password or permission changes; and
  • Encryption at rest and in transit.
Operational Measures
Operational measures include:
  • 24x7x365 intrusion detection and prevention;
  • Automated logging and monitoring of actions performed in ADAMS;
  • Firewalls and other network protections to secure ADAMS against malicious attacks and application vulnerabilities; and
  • Third-party penetration testing.
Physical Measures
 Physical measures to protect facilities where ADAMS infrastructure resides include:
  • Ensuring the data center on which ADAMS relies is secure and redundant: ADAMS is hosted in a data center located in Montreal, Canada that is ISO 27001, ISO 27017, and ISO 27018 certified; and
  • Physical measures to limit access to WADA facilities such as key-card access, visitor supervision, and video surveillance at entry/exit points.
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