I am not an athlete - What information may be collected about me in ADAMS?

If you are not an athlete, information about you in ADAMS will be limited to basic identity information (for example, name and username) and contact details (such as an email address), as well as your affiliation with an athlete or organization (for example, as a coach or agent to an athlete, or as an employee of an Anti-Doping Organization or third-party provider).

Laboratory personnel, experts, and doctors providing diagnostic information for therapeutic use exemptions may also be required to confirm their name and/or contact details as part of the professional opinions or actions conducted in connection with anti-doping processes (for example, to confirm the name of the laboratory professional that produced a test report).

This information is used to open and administer ADAMS accounts, to ensure accountability for the opinions or results provided by laboratory and other professionals, and to verify the integrity of anti-doping processes (for example, through records like chains of custody). This information may also be used in connection with anti-doping rule violation investigations or proceedings. Click here to learn more.

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