Athletes can view and edit certain sections of their profiles as described hereunder.

  1. Click My Profile
  2. Review your profile or modify your contact details by clicking on the Edit button in the top right corner of the screen:
  3. Proceed with the edits
  4. Save

What information can I edit?

  1. Photo
  2. Contact details and SMS setup:
    - The validated phone number is the phone number you have confirmed during your initial login. If you have also activated two-factor authentication with SMS, updating this information will require its reactivation.
    - Email address: is used by the system to send a temporary password.
  3. Mailing address is the place where you are certain that any mail will be brought to your attention immediately and it is used by your Anti-Doping Organization to contact you whenever necessary, including for whereabouts purposes.
  4. Whereabouts update activation.

Should you need to update any other information please contact your whereabouts custodian, their contact details are available in the "Activity" tab of your profile.

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