On 13 October 2020, WADA advised all Anti-Doping Organizations (ADOs) of changes regarding Laboratory reporting and ADAMS as a result of changes to the 2021 Code and Standards. In summary:

  1. Non-Signatory Organizations are now classified as Delegated Third Parties(in the event a signatory formally delegates elements of their anti-doping program to them) and this entails that they can no longer be Testing Authority or Results Management Authority;
  2. The sports/disciplines associated with the non-signatories have been removed from ADAMS as ADAMS will no longer store anti-doping data related to the activities of non-Code signatories.  ADOs should no longer enter such Doping Control Forms in ADAMS and Laboratories shall not report these analytical results into the system (as per the ISL) and instead shall arrange an alternative reporting procedure outside of ADAMS for these samples. 
  1. Country and region Codes
  2. Sport-Disciplines Codes
  3. Sport-Disciplines Codes for TDSSA
  4. Substance Codes
  5. Diagnosis Class Codes
  6. Organizations Codes
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