Delegated Third Parties are any non-signatory organizations in ADAMS such as:

  • Regional Anti-Doping Organizations (RADOs) to whom groups of National Anti-Doping Organizations delegate testing and/or other anti-doping activities;
  • Continental federations to whom International Federations (IFs) have delegated testing and/or other anti-doping activities for a specific region;
  • National federations to whom IFs have delegated specific functions such as education or whereabouts submission management;
  • Private sample collection agencies to whom various ADOs have delegated sample collection functions; and
  • Private organizations like the International Testing Agency to whom ADOs have delegated most aspects of their anti-doping program.

Delegated Third Parties are not able to be designated as Whereabouts Custodian, Passport Custodian, TA or RMA in ADAMS, since these roles are reserved for Signatories under the 2021 Code and International Standards. Instead, delegates can be identified as the Doping Control Coordinator within ADAMS and on Doping Control Forms, which will allow them to perform the delegated roles on behalf of the Signatory.

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