The purpose of creating athlete groups is to control the athletes that users can access in the system; otherwise, all users in an organization can access all athletes to which the organization has explicit access. In particular, Delegated Third Parties having a contract established with your organization, should be granted one or more Groups of your organization instead by default "All Athletes.”

An Athlete Group only belongs to one organization. If an organization user has been assigned multiple groups to, then the list of accessible athletes for this user is the union of these groups.


  1. Login as an organization administrator and go to the Group Manager section;
  2. Click add new group;
  3. Enter a name for the group;
  4. Select a criteria to add the appropriate access rights:
    • Add all: adds all athletes accessible by the organization; overrides all criteria except "Exclude athlete"
    • Add sport (not discipline): adds all athletes with an active sport identity for a given sport
    • Add Whereabouts pool: add athletes with an active participation in one of the 3 Whereabouts pools
    • Add sport nationality: add athletes with a given sport nationality
    • Add athlete/ non-athlete: add an explicit (non-)athlete
    • Exclude athlete: explicitly exclude certain athletesmceclip0.png
  5. Click save.
    Once saved, it is possible to Export the list of athletes represented by the User group as a CSV file.
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