When activating a Delegated Third Party Contract in ADAMS, you will be asked to accept the following Conditions of Delegation:


  • ADO has properly assessed the DTP to ensure the DTP has sufficient technical and organizational security measures in place, taking into account the nature of the processing of personal information being delegated to the DTP by ADO;
  • ADO has signed an agreement with the DTP whereby the DTP:
    • Has agreed to comply with the World Anti-Doping Code (Code) and International Standards for the duration of the delegation and the associated processing of personal information;
    • Is subject to appropriate contractual and technical controls to protect the confidentiality, privacy and security of the personal information processed by the DTP under the instructions of ADO;
    • subject to applicable law, will require all of its board members, directors, officers, and employees to be bound by anti-doping rules as persons in conformity with the Code for direct and intentional misconduct (or by ADO’s comparable rules and regulations); and
    • Will make available to ADO all information necessary to demonstrate its compliance with the Code and International Standards and is required to notify findings of non-compliance it is responsible for to ADO.
  • ADO has documented, in writing, its decision to authorize the DTP to conduct testing in accordance with its rules (if applicable);
  • ADO shall ensure access permissions granted to the DTP to ADO’s ADAMS environment respect the need-to-know principle and are limited to what is necessary to enable the DTP to perform the functions delegated to it by ADO;

ADO understands that it is solely responsible for using the technical controls available in ADAMS to limit its DTP’s access permissions (e.g. by restricting access to specific athletes or groups of athletes and to specific ADAMS modules, such as test planning, whereabouts, TUE, results management or athlete biological passport); and is solely responsible for regularly reviewing and updating such permissions as required (see Creating a DTP contract for details);


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