What's new in December 2020?

Implementation of the Code 2021 enhancements:

  1. Delegated Third Party module
  2. Therapeutic Use Exemptions:
    • Form updates:
      • Required Rejection letter attachment when a TUE status is set to "Rejected" or not recognized by an International Federation;
      •  The field "TUE is for a substance that is prohibited" value is pre-selected based on each substance prohibition category“;
      • Users have to acknowledge that they have included the appropriate  translation summary when approving a TUE;
      • Field "Duration of Treatment" is added to the Medical Information section;
      • Athlete level options:
        • Are updated to the following:
          • International
          • National
          • Recreational
          • Other
        • The list of sporting organization is based on the selected "Athlete Level".
    • Athletes cannot apply to multiple ADOs for the same substance and discipline.
  3. Anti-Doping Rule Violations 
    • The two forms are renamed:
      • ADRV becomes: "Pending case"
        • the section “Hearing Process” is renamed to "Sanctions"
        • New sections with a date and document fields added:
          • "Notification sent to athlete"
          • “Notice of charge”
          • “Explanation provided by the athlete”
          • “Decision”
      • Sanction becomes "Conclusion of case"
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