How do I submit a Therapeutic Use Exemption?

TUE can be submitted by athletes, their doctor or Anti-Doping Organizations, the list is substances available within the form is based on the current WADA prohibited list.

  1. Log into ADAMS 
  2. Within the Athlete Tree located in the left pane of the screen, click New
  3. Select TUE
  4. Complete the mandatory fields which is flagged with a red asterisk:
    1. Athlete instructions
      1. make sure you attach your medical file within the main form;
      2. Read and agree to the term of the Athlete's Declaration 
      3. Click Submit.
    2. ADO instructions
      1. The diagnosis information must be entered in the second tab of the form;
      2. Change the TUE status to Submitted;
      3. Save
      4. attach the athlete medical file within the Diagnosis tab after saving the TUE
      5. Save again.
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