1. Log into ADAMS
  2. Click Mission order management
  3. Click create mission order
  4. Enter the at a minimum mandatory information including:
    • Dates
    • Testing Authority: is able to edit the mission orders, can add DCF and access lab results
    • Sample collection authority: which if it is different from your organization will have read access to the issued mission orders and will be able to created Doping control forms.
    • Results management authority: will gain read access to the mission order once completed and have access to lab results
    • Within the Analysis tab: select the required samples and analyzing lab
    • Enter any instructions to the sample collection personnel in the Instructions tab
    • Save
  5. The Athlete tab is displayed allowing you to:
    • Search for individual athletes within your organization access list
    • Do an athlete advanced: to find athletes outside of your jurisdiction, for example of another nationality that are participating to an event in your country and have to be tested
    • Add placeholders
  6. Set the mission Order status to “Issued” if your planning is done
  7. Save




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