Athletes with active user accounts are able to log into ADAMS and access their own:

  • Whereabouts;
  • Athlete profile:
    • where they can edit:
      • Photo,
      • Contact details,
      • Mailing address;
    • And view their:
      • Test pool and Team inclusion;
      • Which organizations have access to their profile;
  • TUE for submissions or to view their history;
  • Testing history with:
    • Date of test;
    • City of Test;
    • Sport- Discipline;
    • Result:
      • Urine and Blood: No access to lab result forms but the system displays whether results are Negative, Atypical or Adverse;
      • Blood Passport lab result: access to the result form with the hematological variables.



Athletes can also configure their user settings with these instructions.

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