1. Introduction of Next Generation Testing Center modules

 Table of Contents

  1. Introduction
  2. Overview
  3. TDP
    • 3.1 - Getting Started Accessing Next Generation from classic
    • 3.2 - Dashboard
    • 3.3 - Test Distribution Plan (TDP)
    • 3.4 - TDP Monitoring
    • 3.5 - TDSSA Monitoring

     4. Appendix : Acronyms


1. Introduction

Welcome to the new next generations (ADAMS NextGen) ADAMS Test Distribution Plan (TDP) User Guide. This user guide is designed to provide documentation for people who will use TDP, TDP Monitoring or TDSSA Monitoring on a regular basis. This document is designed to be read by any user of ADAMS NextGen, if you have access to the features documented here. 

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