The matching process between a Doping Control Form and a Lab Result

Lab results entered in ADAMS are completely anonymous, and lab users do not have access to any information that would allow them to identify the athlete whose sample they analyze.

Therefore when a lab enters a test result in ADAMS, a process is automatically triggered to match both the result and the Doping Control Form (DCF) information.

The sequence in which the DCF and the test result are entered in ADAMS is not relevant: as soon as a DCF is saved with a status In Progress or Complete, or as soon as a test result is Submitted or Partially Submitted, then the matching process is triggered.
In the case of a Blood Passport Lab Result (BPLR), the matching process is also triggered when the BPLR is with test result status Submitted or Not Analyzed.

Three automatic matching levels have been defined: Matching Type I, II and III. These are based on the comparison of specific fields between the DCF and the test result record:



Once the matching is complete, it is shown on the DCF under the Samples tab with the Automatic match button indicating the matching type:

The button caption shows Negative Result if the result entered by the lab is negative, and Matched in the case of a blood passport.

If an Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) or an Atypical Finding (ATF) was reported by the lab, an AAF or ATF is automatically created and linked to the DCF. The link appears to the left of the Automatic match button. A link to the lab result also appears, to the right of the Automatic match button.

If during an automatic match attempt, the system finds multiple candidates with the same match level type, for the same sample, then no automatic match will be done. If there are multiple candidates but only one Type I match, then the Type I entries will be automatically matched.

When a biological passport lab result is matched to a DCF, an additional "validity" field is added to the section. The field is editable by either the Testing Authority of the Test or the Passport Custodian's Athlete Passport Management Unit.

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