Confirming/Rejecting a match between Doping Control Form and a Lab Result

Once a lab result is automatically matched to a Doping Control Form (DCF), the Testing Authority (TA) or Result Management Authority (RMA) user may review the matching results and confirm or reject the match.

An automatic match for a Adverse Analytical Finding (AAF) or an Atypical Finding (ATF) result must be confirmed by the TA/RMA user.
A negative result, on the other hand, is automatically matched and confirmed and does not require an explicit confirmation. The same applies to a blood passport match: it does not need to be confirmed.

However, regardless of the sample type and result type, it is possible to reject the match at all times.

  1. Login as an ADO user
  2. Within Step 4 of Doping Control Form
  3. At the bottom of the form, click View match or Negative Result button displays the Result Verification page:
  4. Review the information and either confirm or reject the match

The matching fields are shown from top to bottom. The DCF values are shown on the left, the lab result values are shown on the right, and a series of green checkmarks or red "X" icons indicate whether or not the field values match.




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