This section of the Testing Order is used to specify the types of samples that will be collected from the athlete (e.g. urine, blood, blood passport); any special analyses that must be performed by the lab (e.g. EPO, IRMS, HBOCS, etc.), and the labs that should be used.

  1. Within the Analyses tab of the Testing Order
  2. Click the Add Analysis button.
  3. Select a sample type from the pick list
  4. Indicate the specific analysis that the laboratory should perform on the sample by checking the correct box (es).
    • For Urine: ESAs (incl. recombinant EPOs and analogues); GC/C/IRMS; Insulins; GHRF (GHRH/GHS/GHRP); GnRH; IGF-1 analogues; Other;
    • For Blood: GH Isoforms; GH Biomarkers; Blood Transfusions; HBOCS; ESAs (incl. recombinant EPOs and analogues); IGF-1 analogues; Insulins; Other;
  5. Enter the first 3 letters of the lab acronym, country, city and press the magnifying glass to get the list of accredited laboratories corresponding to your request.
  6. Complete by entering any special instructions to the lab in the space provided.

Every analysis will automatically be granted a new identification label. Urine sample labels will begin with U (U1, U2, and so on), blood samples with B (B1, B2, and so on) and blood passport samples with BP.

The labels are then used in the new Analyses column in the athlete tab to quickly view which analysis is assigned to which athlete.


Clicking the link in the Analyses column of the Athlete tab will then bring a popup that can be used to quickly add or remove samples to or from the athlete.



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