When a Testing Authority (TA) issues a Testing Order, the organization defined as the Sample Collection Authority (namely the confirmed Lead DCO) automatically gain access to the whereabouts of the athletes in the Testing Order only for the days covered by the Testing Order.

This access is granted for all athletes in the Testing Order whose test status is not cancelled. The creator of the Mission Order must be the TA, a Delegated Third Party of the TA or WADA.

  1. Open a Testing Order, within Section 2 "Athletes and Analyses", select athletes
  2. And select Check whereabouts Details, within the "Other Actions" drop-down.
  3. The report is displayed with the whereabouts submitted by each athlete or an error message if whereabouts were not submitted or if the athlete is inaccessible to the TA.
    Note: that depending on the number of athletes and duration of the Testing Order, the report can take a moment to generate.
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