Congratulations, if you’re seeing this screen, you're one step closer to creating your new organizational samples and analysis plan. By default, the TDP will start in the current year and your planning for the current year can begin immediately. But, you may also want to get an early start for the next year (in this example, 2020) and of course, you may do that also.

But, we understand that all organizations have their own way of planning, which is why we’ve transformed the ADAMS NextGen TDP module into also accommodating plans in either

  • monthly time periods,


  • or quarterly time periods.


So how does all work? Simple, upon loading the TDP you will find, already pre-loaded, a list of sport/disciplines. This list can be modified in any way you’d like by removing or adding any sport/disciplines you’d like to plan for. Then the only thing left to do is,

  • Choose the time period by which you want to plan your specific sport/discipline. (Yearly, Quarterly or Monthly)
  • Choose your cell and enter the number of samples and analyses you would like to plan for that specific column.
  • Entered values will automatically save and update all total values in the TDP module.

Note: A sport/discipline which has been planned for in a specific period of time will be blocked from planning that same sport/discipline in another period of time.

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