2. Overview

Our new ADAMS NextGen TDP module easily lets you control, plan (forecast) and update your organizations testing for a full year, quarter or monthly period for any sport/discipline. Then, once your planning has started, the TDP Monitoring module gives you an effortless understandable overview of where you stand and how far you are from reaching your organizational goals.


Have you asked yourself if your organization has reached WADA’S minimum level of analysis (MLA) for a specific analysis in a specific sport/discipline? Have you had to go through complicated calculations to answer those questions? Not anymore, with our new ADAMS NextGen TDSSA Monitoring module. It will very simply show your organizational overview of all you’re testing for the year as compared to all the WADA listed MLA’s for all TDSSA sport/disciplines. All monitoring modules are automatically calculated with the tests and DCF’s which you have already completed.


Our new dashboard feature which gives you dynamic metrics throughout each of the above-mentioned modules. Need to know how many of disciplines meet WADA’s TDSSA MLA requirement? How many tests has your organization completed? What percentage of your tests are out of competition (OOC)? No need to count, we will quickly show you.


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