Confounding Factors added to the Lab Results / EQAS since 13 April 2021

In the Lab Results and EQAS form:

For samples with a Date Received by Lab after 13 April 2021: 

  1. New Confounding Factors with Estimated Concentration mandatory were added.
Name Unite of measure Specific Code Mandatory
Ethyl Glucuronide µg/mL ethylglucuronide_est No
carboxy-finasteride ng/mL carboxyfinasteride No
4-hydroxy-dutasteride ng/mL 4-hydroxy-dutasteride No
6-hydroxy-dutasteride ng/mL 6-hydroxy-dutasteride No
Ketoconazole ng/mL ketoconazole_est No
Fluconazole ng/mL fluconazole No
Miconazole ng/mL miconazole No

2. The following Confounding factors are also required:

Name  Specific Code Mandatory
Anti-estrogenic substances anti_estrogens_sub No
Other  other No


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