TA approval required for ATPF-Confirmation Procedure

As per the 2021 Technical Document (TD) on the Measurement and Reporting of Endogenous Anabolic Androgenic Steroid (EAAS), upon receipt of an ATPF-CPR, the Laboratory shall proceed with the CP of the steroid profile as soon as possible, unless the presence of ethanol or other factors impacting the steroid profile has been detected in the Sample. In such cases, the Laboratory shall receive, within fifteen (15) days from the ATPF-CPR notification, an advice from the Passport Custodian or the Testing Authority (or Results Management Authority, if different) on whether to proceed or not with the CP of the Sample’s steroid profile.

  1. As a Lab business user, search for the lab result
  2. Click on the Lab Results to view on the read mode
  3. In the Steroid Profile Variables section, Click "Confirm"

  4. For samples that triggered an Atypical Passport Finding Confirmation request (ATPF-CPR) notification, it is mandatory to indicate whether the Testing Authority (TA) has approved the confirmation procedure or not when:
    • at least one Confounding Factor is detected,
    • or Test Result is “AAF”.
  5. If Approved by TA is selected then confirmed values must be entered.  mceclip1.png
  6. If Not Approved by TA is selected then a reason must be provided.2021-04-16_15-08-25.png
  7. Save.
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