TDEAAS Release 04 May 2021 (Lab Action Needed)

In compliance with TD2021EAAS the following changes will be available in ADAMS on 04 May 2021 for the Sample Received after 01 April 2021.

Lab Results


TA approval required for ATPF-Confirmation Procedure

  • For samples that triggered an Atypical Passport Finding Confirmation request (ATPF-CPR) notification, it is mandatory to indicate whether the Testing Authority (TA) has approved the confirmation procedure or not when:
    • at least one Confounding Factors is detected,
    • or the Test Result is an “AAF” (for other Prohibited Substance(s) or Method(s)).
      For confirmations requests that are not approved by the TA one of the following reasons must be provided:
      • See APMU Report (a text box is available to specify details)
      • TUE
      • Multiple AAFs
      • Previous samples with EtG and negative IRMS results.

Note: Updates can be done either manually or using batch files. (CSV or XML).

Adverse Analytical Findings test results should be entered manually until further notice.


  • Suspicious confirmation procedure requests (SSP-CPR) notifications will no longer be sent to the analyzing lab users.
  • SSP-CPR notifications will be sent to the Passport Custodian, its APMU, and the sample’s Testing Authority only when one of the conditions is met:
    1. T/E ratio > 4.0
    2. Concentration of T or E (adjusted for the SG) > 200 ng/mL in males or > 50 ng/mL in females or unknown
    3. Concentration of A or Etio (adjusted for the SG) > 10,000 ng/mL
    4. Concentration of 5αAdiol (adjusted for the SG) > 250 ng/mL in male or > 150 ng/mL in female or unknown.

ADAMS CSV/XML imports and batch updates

CSV Format:


Column header



Suspicious SP confirmation request status







 The confirmation request status is mandatory for a Atypical Passport Finding  under certain conditions.

Confirmation_Request status:

  • TRUE: when “Approved by TA”
  • FALSE: when “Not Approved by TA”

The selection options are boolean values (true/false).

 Confirmation_request_status =FALSE


 APMU_Report_txt=text ABC

XML Format:

Data Element Description
Suspicious SP confirmation request status

The confirmation request status is required for samples that have triggered an ATPF-CPR under certain conditions.


       <code>multiple_aafs</code>     <code>previous_samples_with_etg_and_negative_irms_results</code>
      <apmuReportTxt>APMU report txt</apmuReportTxt>





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