Instructions for manually entering 19-NA IRMS results into ADAMS

  1. In the "Search for Lab Results", enter a sample code;
  2. Click on the Sample code to view the Lab Result;
  3. Click Edit;
  4. Select the “GC/C/IRMS” check box;
  5. Go to the "IRMS details" tab;
  6. Enter the delta and uc value for 19-NA under Target Compounds;
  7. Enter 19-NE IRMS results under “Other (specify in comments)” in the Target Compounds table;

  8. Enter the value of delta and uc for primary ERC under Endogenous Reference Compound;
  9. Enter the value of delta and uc for ERC2 under Endogenous Reference Compound;
  10. Add “GC/C/IRMS analysis for 19-NA(and/or 19-NE, if applicable) was performed” in the "Comments on IRMS" section;
  11. The conclusion for 19-NA IRMS results must be entered in the “comments on IRMS”;Snag_5dfaa7fd.png
  12. Go to the “Analysis Results” tab;
  13. Click add substance;
  14. Select Class “S1.1 Anabolic Androgenic Steroids (AAS)”;
  15. Select the substance choice that corresponds to the 19-Norandrosterone conclusion;mceclip1.png
  16. Add Details Concerning Finding, if required;
  17. Save the lab Result;
  18. Click “print analysis results record” to print the ADAMS test report and verify the reporting details corresponding to the 19-NA GC/C/IRMS results.
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