Submitting a whereabouts travel entry?

You should aim to identify a 60-minute time slot and Overnight Accommodation on a day where you travel. 

In some instances, it may not be possible to provide a fixed and accessible 60 minute period due to prolonged travel.  When flying overnight for example or when in transit between 5am and 11pm, providing a fixed one hour period or overnight location may not be practical.  Although you should make every effort to identify a 60 minute location when you will be available for testing between 5am -11pm, for those rare occasions when this is not possible please follow the steps below in order to be ‘exempt’ from these requirements.

  1. Click any non-past date in the calendar, and select Travel in the address dropdown.
  2. Read the warning message and click Confirm.Snag_272b5948.png
  3. In the New Travel Entry window, select the Transportation Type and complete the relevant information.
  4. Save.

All travel entries will be shown in the calendar with a "plane" icon.

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