How do I complete the New Entry window?

    1. Create a New Entry. This pop-up is modal, which means that you must close it before you can return to the whereabouts page. To close it, click Save or Cancel, or click the close icon in the upper-right corner of the pop-up.
    2. Enter the information for the whereabouts entry:
      • Address: select an address from the drop-down list. This list contains all addresses in the athlete's (or team's) address book, in alphabetical order of the label. To add an address to the address book, select New Address from the drop-down list.
        See also the section on Travel Whereabouts Entries.
      • Category: select one of the following categories to be assigned to this entry:
        • Competition: this category should be assigned to any competition held during the quarter.
        • Overnight Accommodation: this category refers to the location where the athlete would stay at the end of a given day: home, hotel, competition accommodation, etc.
        • Regular Activity: this includes any activity that recurs throughout the quarter: training activities, work, class, etc.
        • Other: this category can be used for any other type of whereabouts, as needed; for example: appointment, public appearance, etc.
      • Start DateEnd Date and Recurrence: the date will be automatically filled if the entry is created by clicking a date on the calendar. If the entry is recurrent, select the recurrence pattern: either daily, weekly, specific dates or entire quarter:
        • Type of recurrences:
          • Daily or weekly: this entry repeats from the first to the last date, inclusively;
          • Entire quarter: this option allows you to quickly define a whereabouts entry which recurs daily, from the first to the last day of the quarter. There is no need to select the start and end date for this option.
          • Specific Dates: this option lets you select specific days throughout the calendar for which the entry occurs. To select these days, click the calendar icon located on the right of the drop-down box, then select the days of the quarter for which this entry is applicable.
        • Start Time, End Time and All Day: whereabouts entries should normally occur between 05:00 and 23:00. If the entry is valid for the entire day, you can click the All Day checkbox to indicate it.
      • 60-Minute Time Slot: you can add or remove a valid 60-minute time slot within the period, and between 05:00 and 23:00. This time slot is the period during which the athlete is available for testing.
    3. Save


    • Competition and Overnight Accommodation: these whereabouts entries do not require time parameters.
    • Minimum entry length: each entry must be at least one hour long.
    • Conflicting Entries: periods for entries cannot overlap. However it is possible to create an All Day entry (for example, "Home All Day"), then add another entry which defines an exception ("Gym from 10:00-12:00").
    • Additional information such as Building, Floor and Room numbers can also be associated with an entry.


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