1. Login as Administrator
    2. Go to User Account Management
    3. Click New User
      1. Complete the Firstname and Lastname
      2. Select the gender
      3. Enter the user's e-mail address (validation will be required at initial login)
      4. Within the "Account Info" tab:
        1. Enter a username
        2. Enter a password twice. (Reset will be required at the initial login.)
        3. Set the status to Active
        4. Click the select button under the "User can view records for athletes in the following groups" box
          • Add the appropriate groups of athletes that you want the user to have access to. [The option 'All Athletes' provides access to all the athletes your organization has got access to. You can restrict by selecting existing Groups]
          • Click the save button on the athlete groups pop-up
        5. Click the select button under the "Business Roles" box
          • Add the appropriate user role
          • Click the save button on the Business Roles pop-up
        6. Click the select button under the "Notification Type" box
          • Add the appropriate Notification type
          • Click the save button on the Notification Type pop-up
        1. Within the "E-mail notifications" section, check the desired setting. You can opt for your organization's setting or explicitly 'always send e-mail' or 'never send e-mail' notifications.
    1. Click the Save button on the page.







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