DBS samples[1] will be included in ADAMS as a new Sample Type selection in order to record capillary blood samples collected on DBS supports, as is already done  in the updated versions of the Doping Control Form, Chain of Custody Form and Doping Control Officer Report Form (see WADA’s website for the new forms and instructions). However, the option of selecting “DBS sample” as a Sample Type won’t be available in ADAMS until 2022. Therefore, until that time, we kindly ask you to select “DBS” in the “Analyses” section of the Testing order and/or Test and lab results forms until all the necessary changes to ADAMS are effective. 

Until the new features are available in ADAMS in 2022, please follow these instructions when:

  • creating a Testing order and/or a Test for DBS samples;
  • including the collection of DBS samples into a Doping Control Form; and
  • reporting laboratory results for DBS samples.

Instructions for Anti-Doping Organizations

Instructions for Accredited Laboratories.

[1] A DBS sample is a series of small volumes (drops) of capillary blood, which is collected by a puncture/incision of the skin to access capillaries (small blood vessels), applied onto an absorbent sample support and allowed to dry, and not a sample spotted from a tube of venous blood at the laboratory.

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