What's New in September 2021?

  • ADAMS Classic
    • Lab Results were updated in compliance with TD2021:
    • A PDF report is available to Laboratories and ADO on the Hematological Passport Lab Result page when its status is either "Submitted" or "Not Analyzed" by clicking Print ABP Test Report.
    • International and National RTP Athletes are required to confirm their email address when submitting their whereabouts. This change was previously reverted due to incompatibility with Athlete Central.
  • The website: adams-docs.wada-ama.org was decommissioned, please refer to adams-help.wada-ama.org/hc for the system's documentation.
  • DCO Central:
    Version 1.12 includes:

    - Bug fixes related to launching the app and multi-language support.

    - Emailing Chain of custody documents to analyzing laboratories.

    - Notifications to Testing Authority and Sample Collection Authorities when forms are completed.

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