ADO Administrators can manage their organization DTP contract(s) via the Manage Delegated Third Parties  section :

1- Activate new contracts or disactivate expired ones.

2- Define a start and end date ( extend the end date if applicable)

3- Assign services for the contract

4- Assign accessibility to athlete profiles


  1. As an administrator, go to Manage Delegated Third Parties
  2. Click on the DTP name
  3. Accept the conditions of delegation
  4. Update the relevant information:
    1. the contract status (Inactive to disable the contract or Active to enable it)
    2. start and end dates
    3. service(s)
    4. group
      It is strongly recommended not to grant access to "All Athletes". Rather, select an appropriate subset of athletes (e.g. RTP) or create your own group to ensure DTP access is limited to what is necessary.
  5. Save
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