Option 1: create a Testing order or a Test and select the Sample Type “Blood Passport”, then match a DCF; or

Option 2: while creating a DCF, make sure that you select the Sample Type “Blood Passport”.

Further details related to the above options are provided below.

Option 1:  Creating a Testing order/Test with the Sample Type "Blood Passport” and matching a DCF 

  1. In the Testing order/Test form:
  2. Select “Blood Passport” as Sample Type
  3. In the “Notes/Analyses Instructions” field, indicate the requested analysis/analyses 
  4. In the Doping Control Form:
  5. Change the status to "Complete sample collected"
  6. Select “Blood Passport” as Sample Type.
    1. Enter the Sample Code
    2. Time of Collection
    3. Select a WADA-approved laboratory from the list
    4. Enter the sample collection time zone
    5. Enter the Temp Logger ID associated to the sample
    6. Select the Manufacturer
    7. Complete the ABP Supplemental Report Form
  7. Save

Instructions for Laboratories are available here.

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