Submitting a Dried Blood Spot (DBS) Lab Result in ADAMS - Final solution

  1. In order to report laboratory results for DBS samples, laboratories are first requested to include into ADAMS the ISO method code (and description) for the DBS analytical method as per their Scope of ISO/IEC 17025 Accreditation, if available. In addition, it is requested to include in the description the general target analytes (e.g steroid esters) that are validated in the DBS method.
  2. In addition, the Laboratories are requested to include the DBS method into their ADAMS price list.
  3. Laboratories and Anti-Doping Organizations must agree on which solution to use (temporary or final) when reporting DBS samples to ensure that both forms (Lab Result and DCF) match in the system.


Reporting Laboratory DBS results into ADAMS:

For reporting new lab results manually (recommended option):

  1. Login as a WADA Accredited Lab user
  2. Click new lab result/new EQAS
  3. Within the form, enter the mandatory information:
    1. Sample code
    2. Sample Collection Date
    3. Sample type: select “Dried Blood Spot”
    4. Date Received by Lab
    5. Testing Authority
    6. Sample Collection Authority
    7. Test Type
    8. Sport - Discipline
    9. Test Result
    10. Status
    11. DBS analysis type details
    12. Analysis Details/Explanation/Opinion: add information
    13. Capability and Methods used: (recommended) selected by choosing the relevant method from the list of the laboratory’s methods (see here for instructions)


Print PDF Report:

  1. Click on “print analysis results record
  2. Within the PDF report, the following information are displayed:
    1. Sample Type is “Dried Blood Spot”
    2. DBS analysis type details

For reporting new lab results via .csv or .xml (the necessary changes should be made to your files and LIMS):

For importing labs results in ADAMS, the code “Dried_blood_spot” shall be used in the sample_type column in the CSV file or type column, in the XML file. These columns already exist in LIMS and ADAMS. Only the value “Dried_blood_spot” should be added to LIMS to allow the import. However, the value “Dried_blood_spot” can be added manually to the files.

In addition, a new column “DBS_analysis_type_details” shall be used in the CSV file or “DBSDetails” in the XML file. This column should be added to LIMS to allow the import. However, the value can be added manually to the files.





Instructions for ADO available here.

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