1. Login to ADAMS
  2. Click on Groups Management
  3. Select Whereabouts Pools
  4. Click on edit for the relevant Whereabouts Pool
  5. To Add athletes by name or ADAMS ID (to add a group of athletes by shared characteristics, proceed to Step 6):
    1. Search for the athlete name or ADAMS ID
    2. Select the record(s)
    3. Add the athlete
    4. Repeat as necessary for all athletes to be added
    5. Proceed to Step 8
  6. To Add athletes by shared characteristics
    1. Select “advanced search”
    2. Filter your search using the desired fields
    3. Select the relevant athletes from the results of the search
    4. Add the selected athletes
    5. Click on the pencil icon to open the calendar, update the dates and save.mceclip4.png
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