For individual athletes:

  1. Log into ADAMS as a business user
  2. Search for an athlete profile
  3. Click on the profile
  4. Within the Sport-Discipline tab, click Edit
  5. Update the dates
  6. Save

For multiple athletes:

  1. Login to ADAMS
  2. Click on Groups Management
  3. Select Whereabouts Pools
  4. Click on edit for the relevant Whereabouts Pool
  5. Click ‘List’ or search for the athlete name or ADAMS ID
  6. Click on the pencil icon to open the calendar, update the dates and save.
    Note: End Date shall be left empty until the ADO has determined it, i.e. that the athlete has been given written notice that they are no longer included in the RTP, or that the athlete has provided a written notice of retirement (see Article ‘Removing Athletes from a Whereabouts Pool’). It is important to note that Athletes with no Start Date / End Date are by default deemed to be members of the relevant Whereabouts Pool(s).
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