Reporting Lab results in ADAMS with Monitoring data (incl. CSV/XML)

ADAMS allows Laboratories to report their results under WADA’s Monitoring Program. The reporting of the monitoring information can be conducted directly on the Lab results page in ADAMS or through the use of CSV/XML batch files.

Each Lab Result record in ADAMS has a (mandatory) indicator specifying whether the sample has been analyzed for the Monitoring program or not. If yes is indicated, then a new tab ‘Monitored substances’ is available for data-entry, enabling the Lab to enter substance(s) and estimated concentration value(s).

Previously created analytical results in ADAMS can be updated to add monitoring data without restrictions. At any time it will be possible to add new monitoring information to the result, or to update existing information. Thus, it remains possible for the Laboratory to modify ‘locked’ Lab results (due to a match with a DCF) for the monitoring data.

The access to the Monitored substance data in ADAMS and their visibility on the Lab results page, etc is exclusively reserved for WADA and the Lab that entered the data. The Monitored substance information will not be displayed in ADAMS Laboratory Test Reports intended for the Testing Authority/Results Management Authority.

In order to use the functionality, one needs to first assign the Lab Monitored Substance right to the user account profile. Section 1 explains how to configure this through the administrator function. Section 2 outlines the file format definitions to be used.

1. Configuration

You may either create a new role containing the Lab Monitored Substance permission or include this permission into the "Default business role". The steps for the first option are:

  1. Login as the Lab Administrator
  2. Go to the option User Role Manager
  3. Click New role
    1. Enter a name, e.g. Monitored data,
    2. Select the permission Lab Monitored Substance,
    3. Save
  4. Go to the menu User Account Management
    1. Search/select your user name
    2. click view/edit
    3. in the user account info tab under "Business role" add the new role "Monitored data",
    4. Save
      Once configured correctly, the following functionality will be displayed on the Lab results page when logged in with your regular user account:


The following applies to both the import and update of analytical results through CSV/XML files.

  • CSV
    Column names + example values:
    The column name “monitoring” is a (Boolean) flag to indicate whether the sample was analysed for the monitoring programme or not (values ‘y’, ‘n’ or empty – default is No). The substance index can vary from 1 to 15. There is only one column “comments_monitored”, which is per sample, and not for each substance.

    It is possible to indicate ‘y’(es) for monitoring while leaving the monitored_ substance data blank. If you, however, provide values for monitored_substance, then the ‘y’ should be on for ‘monitoring’ (‘n’ and empty are not allowed).
  • XML
    XML tags + example values:
    mceclip6.pngFor the full details on the CSV/XML file format, see 
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